• Pierantonio Idini

    Digital Media Entrepreneur

    Business Developer


    As entrepreneur I'm following in first person various broadcasting initiatives related to a State owned Chinese Media Group.


    Added to this, I help Entrepreneurs clarify and develop their business and secure funding through my network of Investors in China, the Middle East and North America.  


    I develop those initiatives leveraging my Group and its controlled entities. My career has been mainly in Media and Broadcasting, but in the latest years, I've developed insight on enabling a better business between China and the West.


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    40 years of career and accomplishment


    Business Development


    Dec 2016 - Present


    Vectia is a global strategy and consulting firm for small- to medium sized businesses. We provide collaborative solutions and innovative ideas to help our clients create new business, maximize value and navigate complex changes within their organisation.

    We help new entrepreneurs clarify their business, structure the corporate organization and secure funding through our network of investors in China, the Middle East and North America. Our team of financial, media and marketing professionals provides management support from the initial round of funding to stock exchange listing.

    NEXICAST Ltd - London

    Media Consulting


    Feb 2011 – Present


    Nexicast is an advanced media services and consultancy company. Focused on NEXt generatIon BroadCASTing, it studies and implements effective digital transport models for the next generation content.

    GBTIMES OY - Finland

    Chinese Media Company

    Exec VP and COO 

    Feb 2012 – Dec 2016


    As COO I oversee the expansion and transformation of gbtimes from provider of radio programming to a Full Media Company . We operate in 15 EMEA Nations. I'm directly involved in the strategies and in their implementation.

    Gbtimes Italia Srl - Milano

    Local Branch

    Chairman of the Board 

    Jan 2012 – Jan 2017


    CEO of the Italian branch of gbtimes oy, the holding company. We broadcast over Milan and Rome with two FM stations carrying the brand "Radio Globale"

    BSC SA - Switzerland

    Media Consulting

    Indipendent Consultant 

    Jun 2008 – Jun 2011


    Involved in a variety of consulting projects aimed to fulfill the knowledge needs of international broadcasters

    EBD Group Spa - Milano

    Broadcast Services

    Business Development Consultant 

    Jan 2006 – Jun 2011


    I was Advisor of the Company, active in Broadcasting Services , over new digital business models, enabling their planned transformation from service provider to digital content provider

    Trinity Broadcasting Network - Los Angeles

    TV Network

    Consultant on European Operations 

    Jan 1991 – Jan 2010


    Since the early times I've helped to organize the opening and the expansion of the then Italian, now European branch of Trinity Broadcasting Network.
    I worked both in Italy and US organizing a California Corporation, fully owned by me, as vehicle for dealings regarding Trinity Broadcasting Network and other media business.
    For this reason I’ve a deep knowledge of corporate, legal and tax matters regarding the interchange issues affecting media business between US and Europe.

    Wind Spa - Roma


    Strategy Consultant 

    May 2006 – Jul 2008


    Advising the Manager in charge of Strategy & Development about trends and market opportunities in the VAS channels and on Mobile Television

    Montecarlo Sat - Monaco

    Sat TV


    Mar 2003 – Oct 2005


    Chief Operating Officer reporting to President & CEO I was involved in the early phase of acquisition of the Company, conducting the due diligence and preparing detailed operating business plans for the start-up phase of the television station.
    Since the early phase, operating plans reflected the CEO strategic vision of a media conglomerate with cross-platform contents aimed at different viewership targets, as detailed below:
    * General DTH platform plan
    * Study for a Good News channel
    * Study for the integration in MC Sat of a pan-european
    broadcaster with entertainment content
    * Overseeing a team developing content ideas, preparing program schedules and pre-producing media.

    I.R. GROUP INT'L Inc. - Los Angeles

    Broadcast Consultancy


    Aug 1992 – Dec 2002


    With the main activity focused in the television production and right management, my company, IR GROUP INTERNATIONAL inc. was located in downtown Los Angeles, serving mainly the interchange business of tv rights between Italy and US and assisting my dealings with TBN

    G.B.R. - Roma

    TV Station

    General Manager 

    Mar 1993 – Feb 1995


    Managing director, appointed with the duty of restructuring and selling the company, operating a Television Station in Rome, then with 150 employees. The restructuring of the Company was made with hard work, new tv programs launching new talents (Simona Ventura, Marco Liorni, Monica Leofreddi), reducing payroll count to 70 and restructuring all the debts.
    Every aspect was my responsibility and the station regained in 1994 the #1 place in Rome's ratings. After two years I’ve succeeded, selling the Company to the American Network, my client on consulting, TBN.

    LINK UP srl - Milano

    Production Company

    General Manager 

    Feb 1988 – Sep 1990


    Shareholder and director, I’ve built from scratch tv studios, keep operating the company producing tv programs for national broadcasters, working also as Executive Producer for then important tv programs made for Rai and for Fininvest like Bellezze al Bagno, La Macchina della Verità, Don Tonino, gaining a deep knowledge in the television production process and establishing connections with key people in the show-business.

    Polivideo SA - Switzerland

    Production Company

    Assistant Producer - Producer 

    May 1984 – Aug 1987


    Assistant producer, organizing tv shooting for entertainment, sport and news events.
    I’ve also had the duty to act as Executive Account Representative for the european on-field production of the American network ABC realizing as Junior Producer events like the Reagan-Gorbachev summit in Geneva 1985, Ski World Cup telecasts and many Von Karajan’s performance videos.

    Antenna Tre Lombardia - Milano

    TV Station

    HF dept. Manager 

    Nov 1977 – May 1984


    My career starts as Junior Cameraman, in Antennatre, the first real Italian regional television, with state of the art broadcast equipment, ending to Manager of the high frequency department, overseeing
    signal expansion, antennas, transmitters, microwave links and legal issues on channel and site licensing.
    This was a new sector in the Italian business landscape, unregulated and pervaded by a pioneer’s spirit.
    I can say to have had in my youth an exceptional and challenging opportunity of professional growth in a completely new sector, experience that taught me to fully open my mind to innovations and disrupting technologies.



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